From the desk of jonathan sarty

Owner, Producer, and Host of the Cold River Radio Show LLC and General Partner at Aspect Productions

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Dear Friends and Listeners,

In light of the COVID 19 global pandemic and the state of national emergency here in the U.S. our enterprise will be in the process of developing an action plan to ensure the safety and well-being of our guests, artists, staff, and cherished patrons. This year has been an exciting year of growth for our small independent business and we are determined to persevere through these current challenges as a community leader and emerge from the adversity both stronger and wiser. Please take a moment to share our excitement as we look to a brighter future and develop our plans for managing the challenges of today.


In the winter of 2019-20 my wife Sally and I formed “Aspect Productions New England LLC”. A new company to serve as an umbrella under which our events can be produced, or under which our event services can be provided such as bookings and other direct or brokered event services. The public launch of our company in the spring of 2020 is built around highlighting several of our higher profile events. These events include the Cold River Radio Show and the new mobile Cold River Revue. We have been looking forward to showcasing our talent, network, and abilities to produce higher quality events, including methodical and effective event marketing to broaden our appeal and generate more excitement for our growing audiences regionally and via FM Radio Broadcasting and online platforms. 


Our new company provides small to mid-sized event production services, specializing in live performance production, talent booking- including- bands, solo acts, DJ Services, Comedians, Story Tellers, MC services, Public Speaking, and sound and light production. In addition to these services our new company also provides brokering services for other aspects of public and private events, and our experience and skill enables us to offer a high level of excellence in web and social media marketing services, including graphic design.


In 2020 our company invested in expansions of online services and inventory of equipment, including a cargo trailer for mobile productions, state of the art sound production equipment, lighting, and light rigging. Online/web presence improvements have included a rebranding and restructuring of our websites, and synchronization of our social media accounts. We have established a regular bi-weekly schedule for our Cold River Radio Show podcast and are working on some very exciting new ways to showcase and market our video and audio projects and creative events online. In addition to working with regional artists and businesses on custom Promotional Marketing/Web Building and Maintenance projects with services which our new company provides, we are also actively booking talent throughout our region and are a preferred vendor with several venues and event planning agencies. Please visit us at to learn more about Aspect Productions New England. 


We have been very excited to launch our new production company in 2020 with the season premiere of our long-standing Cold River Radio Show and the Season Premiere of the new and exciting mobile show, the Cold River Revue. 


Where we are today is not exactly what we expected, but we have planned well and worked extremely hard, and I believe we will brave this storm and be stronger and wiser for it. In the meantime our hearts go out to all those who have fallen prey to this virulent illness, and to those who are struggling with adversity amidst the chaos of public dismay, quarantines, and severe schedule disruptions. We are looking at ways we can help our community stay strong and wish you strength and success in managing childcare, elder care, paying bills, and staying healthy.



It will undoubtedly hurt many of us in the event industry, but we will persevere. For now we at Aspect Productions New England are taking a cautionary position and if there is any indication we would be putting our artists, crew, affiliates, or patrons at risk we will err on the side of caution with the belief that an ounce of prevention is indeed a pound of cure and postpone or cancel events.  We have paid very close attention to what our local, state, and federal health officials are saying as things develop with the Corona Virus. Both the NH Governor and the CDC have recommended plans for entertainment event planners and we are taking all of this into consideration. At this time, NH is still considered low risk, and it has yet to be determined if there is community spreading. As of now there is no evidence of community spreading. However, we know the next few weeks will tell a great deal. The country is holding its breath to see what new testing results will reveal, and to see if this frightening wave crests or if it is still rolling in. It is impossible to know at this time what is to come, and we are all being hopeful, but in the meantime, we are leaning strongly towards erring on the side of caution. 


If within the next two to three weeks the tide turns and the numbers begin to decline we hope to do our best to stick with the program, as well as work with our venues and clients to take whatever added safety measures we can to ensure that any of our events present the absolute least risk. The CDC has issued a manual with guidelines for how to accomplish this and if we do in fact “Go on with the show” it will be because we are assessed as very low risk, and we will adhere to the recommended CDC guidelines and procedures. 


I have spoken with the artists, crew, and venues regarding our position and to-date I have received nothing but support and understanding from the people within my professional community. It is encouraging and something we can all be proud of. In the coming weeks we will be analyzing the data and following closely what the WHO, CDC, and State and Regional Health Officials are recommending. The events which may be postponed include the 2020 Cold River Radio Show Season Premier at Theater in the Wood on April 19th with author John Kane, Comedian Colby Bradshaw, Local Spotlight Elizabeth Roth, and Folk Legend John Gorka, and also possibly the May 3rd Cold River Revue in Wolfeboro, NH featuring Boston Jazz/Soul Singer Cassandre McKinley, Comedian Johnny Pizzi, and the fabulous Cold River Radio Band. 


If these events should be postponed, all tickets will be refunded. If the events continue as planned, we will make an exception to our “non-refundable” policy and will in fact refund tickets to anyone who decides they are not comfortable attending the event/s.

In the meantime, we are looking at ways to continue with show production in an uncertain future by hosting events in smaller controlled spaces and streaming them live on our event sites. If you are interested in supporting these creative public events, please contact me personally. 

For now, stay warm, stay safe, and peace be with you. We would like to extend our most sincere gratitude for the years of patronage and support you have shown, and we are looking forward to serving you with meaningful and high-quality events in years to come. 

We will keep you informed.

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